Water going nuts

Water going nuts

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Yesterday, I changed my feeding schedule and quantity on the fish.  I went from two feedings a day to three and went from a food load of 2 to 3 (this is an arbitrary number on the feeder).

When I came in today to check on things, the water was cloudy.  I got the test kit out and it looks like my pH dropped a full point (not good), my ammonia was normal, but my nitrites were up and my nitrates were up.  Nothing is at critical level yet but I am going to test tomorrow to see how the reduced feeding changes things.

To address the pH, I added a couple of teaspoons of Potassium BiCarbonate (KHCO3) and I will see how that helps.

We are well past the honeymoon stage on this system and aquaponics in general.  It is still facinating!